4 Common Misconceptions About Living in the Desert

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When you hear the term “desert” you often think of endless vast sand, camels, cacti, lack of water and unbearable heat. While in some instances these may be true scenarios, it couldn’t be further from the truth when choosing to live in the Palm Desert area. There is a reason that so many people choose to vacation in Palm Springs, with nice weather, golf courses and beautiful resorts with sparkling pools, there isn’t much not to love. If you’ve never visited the area, then you may have one, or maybe two of these common misconceptions. 

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#1 It’s Always Hot

While it is easy to think of the desert as a scorching waste land, the desert can get surprisingly cold. Winter months may be mild during the day; however, evenings and mornings (sometimes even during the spring months) can get incredible cold and you can often even get frost in the mornings.

#2 The Desert Only Has Sand

Sand dunes may be what you envision when thinking of the desert, and while there may be stretches of dunes, deserts are generally not made up of just sand. There is a surprising amount of vegetation in the desert, and while it may not be a tropical rainforest, there are many native plants that scatter the desert landscape such as palm trees, cacti and a large array of succulents and aloe.

#3 Wild Camels Roam the Sand

While it seems to go without saying, Camels will not be roaming through the streets or your backyard. While there are animals that are native to Palm Desert such as Gambels Quail or the Bighorn Sheep, you will not see wild Camels.

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#4 It Never Rains

While the desert may not have heavy rainfall year-round, there will still be some rain. On average, Palm Desert will get 14 days of rain per year, and while this number is low, it is still rainfall. There may be days where you get a light mist, however, that won’t count as a day of rain unless .01 inches have accumulated on the ground.

Living in the desert can bring stunning views, beautiful weather, and so much more. Whether you plan on moving to the desert, already call the desert home, or have your favorite vacation spot, you can’t get much better than Palm Desert.

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