How to Plan A Family Reunion

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Family reunions are so much fun, but they also take a lot of planning and attention to detail. With everyone so busy, it can be tough to find a date for a family reunion that works for everyone. To make things simple, send out a quick poll to gather people’s best dates and help avoid conflicts.  To make sure the most people can attend, try to plan your reunion date far into the future. A few weeks isn’t enough time for most people to make arrangements, but a few months or even a year in advance is great.

Arranging a family reunion is no small task, especially if you’re a large family or located across long distances. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Task family members with details including planning, catering, activities, invites, setup, clearing up and recording the day. That'll also give you another fun reason to get together ahead of the big event.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of different personalities and preferences to consider. As such, it’s important to think about everyone’s needs, interests, budgets, and ages so you can plan accordingly.

Make sure you plan activities and games that are easy for the entire family to enjoy. When planning your catering, ask people for their favorite meal ideas and any dietary requirements. Don’t host your family reunion in an expensive destination if your family is on a budget, and be mindful of how everyone will get there.

Once you have a date set and a rough idea of what you’re planning to do, send out family reunion invitations. Make sure you feature all the key details like date, time, location, what’s happening, dress code, and if they need to make, bring, or do anything. Sending digital invitations is a great way to get the message about this fun family event to everyone at once. Plus, you don’t need everyone’s postal address — just their email address and name.

A family reunion is a special moment that doesn’t typically come around every year. Create memories you can look back on forever by documenting the day and encouraging others to do the same. Ask your family members to snap away on their phones as the day happens. Collect photos and video footage from everyone and create a highlights reel, plus a gallery where people can share their favorite photos once the event is over.

Sadly, not every relative will be able to attend your family reunion. Some may no longer be with us, and others might be unable to travel the distance. Find a beautiful way to include these loved ones in your reunion in some way. For loved ones who have passed, consider asking for everyone’s favorite photos of them to create a remembrance display at your reunion. If someone can’t travel or make it to the event for another reason, see if they can join you via a video call or in another way.

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